HANSTAR, 2023 홍콩국제조명박람회(가을판) 참가

HANSTAR, 2023 홍콩국제조명박람회(가을판) 참가

30 11월 -0001

홍콩무역발전위원회(HKTDC)가 주관하는 2023 홍콩국제조명박람회(가을판)가 10월 27일부터 30일까지 the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, featuring more than 2,600 exhibitors,showcasing smart-lighting products and solutions. As a well-known brand in wire & cable, HANSTAR was also invited to participate in the exhibition.

Dedicated in lighting and house appliance temperature resistant wire & cable over 30 years, HANSTAR is one of the Chinese enterprises that passed the international authority certification such as UL in the early days. With the integration of industry and trade, the company owned fluoro-plastic wire, silicone, XLPE/PE, PVC and cable harness.


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